Rozinco Technology

How Does Rozinco Works?

Rozinco, unlike other Antibacterial agents, kills bacteria on contact by rupturing bacteria cell walls. It has been proven in the labs of Institute of Biotechnology and Nanotechnology (IBN) in Singapore.

Rozinco, Our Zinc Oxide enhancement process is patented worldwide.

Rozinco is certified by Tuv-Sud (an international body). It is proven to be safe, gentle, non-irritant and non-toxic to the skin of human and pets. It does not cause allergies and is a skin protectant.

Benefits of Rozinco

- Anti-Bacterial

- Anti-Fungal 

- Safe on skin

- Non-Toxic

- Suppresses Odor

Rozinco is Effective against Fungus and Bacteria

Anti Microbial Testing

Rozinco does not irritate the Skin and does not cause Skin Allergies

The chart shows the difference in antimicrobial efficacy between ordinary zinc oxide and Rozinco.


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