Our Solution


Rozinco is our Super Zinc Oxide, anti bacterial, anti fungal, anti odour, produced in our labs.


It uses a patented process to kill all bacteria and fungus on contact.


Rozinco can be coated on all surfaces, bonded to textiles, compounded in plastic to prevent bacterial growth.

Our Technology

ROZINCO is our Super Zinc Oxide, and is much more effective than Ordinary Zinc Oxide in eliminating Bacteria and Fungus.

Rozinco is non toxic to Animals and Humans.

Rozinco does not cause Skin irritation.

Rozinco does not cause Skin allergies.

Rozinco is also potent in eliminating odours too!

Using Rozinco in: 

1. AntiBacterial Pet Products greatly reduces infections in Pets caused by Bacteria and Fungus. 

2. Pet Hygiene and pet housekeeping products also remove odours.


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